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Department of Commerce

The branch of trade became began out withinside the 12 months 1992 to discover new frontiers of understanding and innovation in academics. The college students on this branch are uncovered to a realistic surroundings via stay projects, workshops, Case studies, Practicals, Orientation Programme and commercial visits. Such a method of training in truth boosts the spirit of college students which later provides to their highbrow armory and enterprise preparedness.

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is the technology of remember and the adjustments it undergoes. It is the technology for research of diverse atoms, molecules, crystals and different aggregates of remember whether or not in isolation or combination, which includes the ideas of electricity and entropy when it comes to the spontaneity of chemical processes. The branch turned into began out withinside the 12 months 1992. It turned into began out to thrust the vicinity of observe to recognize bodily and organic terms.

The branch has installation 3 spacious labs with all of the important equipments, books and coaching aids. The different centers furnished consist of a stability and coaching room, a fueloline presenting unit along side the considerable equipment. Drug chemistry is likewise supplied as one of the non-obligatory concern withinside the very last yr with important realistic experimentation

Department of English

The Department of English in consonance with the college vision has accomplished 20 glorious years of excellence in promoting global competencies of students, paving the way for their personal and professional success. Our unique 360-degree language proficiency program integrates skill Development, LSRW skills, communication skills, employ ability skills and soft skills with a shared focus on promoting human values, environmental ethics, self-awareness, social responsibility, national consciousness and global outlook through carefully selected inspirational literary texts and service oriented programs. The major academic milestones of the department include introducing English Literature in 2012 as part of the education which has successfully marked our foray into interdisciplinary courses..

Department of Mathematics

The branch has Air Conditioned spacious labs with state-of-the-art devices which might be essential for undertaking numerous experiments. Spectrophotometer, Micro centrifuge and laminar air go with the drift chambers are few objects most of the type of system supplied withinside the lab aside from some of schooling kits.

The branch of Mathematics changed into installed withinside the 12 months 1992. It has desirable skilled school for powerful teaching.

Department of Physics

“PHYSICS” the technology of nature withinside the broadest feel is the area of Science handling the houses of count number and energy. It Includes acoustics, atomic physics, electromagnetism, primary particle physics, mechanics, molecular physics, nuclear physics, optics, quantum physics, strong kingdom physics, thermodynamics and lots of more.

The physics branch turned into set up withinside the 12 months 1992. Since then it is making an attempt to mold younger minds to analyze rudimentary of technological know-how to turn out to be younger innovators withinside the destiny era.

Department of Computer Science

Computer technological know-how or computing technological know-how(on occasion abbreviated CS) is the examine of the theoretical foundations of statistics and computation, and of sensible strategies for their implementation and alertness in pc systems.

The department was established during the academic year 1992.