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Computer Science

TThree properly installed labs with round a hundred structures linked in LAN. The First Lab includes 30 Pentium PCs with the modern configurations linked to a server in Unix and Windows environment. The different labs are linked to the inner servers with Novell Netware. All 3 servers are linked to offer get right of entry to to the distinctive networking environments and software program and the labs additionally have Internet facility.


First lab: Equipment associated with Mechanics, Heat, Modern Physics and Electronics. Second lab: Darkroom facility for experiments associated with optics. The university obtained diverse gadget inclusive of Photocell, Spectrophotometers, Traveling Microscopes, Optical Benches etc. The college students at Sri Ram are delivered to demonstrations and experimentation below the professional steerage of Dr. P. Rajeshwar Reddy, and Prof. K. Rama Reddy, former Dean, Faculty of Science, O.U. and currently Chairman, Governing frame of the College..


Two chemistry labs similarly to a Semi-micro evaluation lab and stability room. First lab: Used for Organic Synthesis and for practical institution evaluation wherein chromatography chambers with add-ons are furnished. Second lab: Equipped with required volumetric evaluation apparatus. Modern fueloline connections are furnished for each labs. A Digital PH meter, Spectrophotometer, Digital Conductometer, Centrifuge system and a Single Pan Balance are furnished. Distillation gadgets are furnished in every lab. ..

Language Lab

A Language laboratory is installed to enhance the language capabilities of the scholars. The lab allows the scholars in enhancing their pronunciation, communique capabilities, record writing and documentation. the lab is prepared with software program, audio & Video CDs and DVDs. The software program from `Linguaphone` has been obtained to .